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Molly on the issues

Iowa legislation needs to be written by Iowans, for Iowa. I firmly believe that Iowa legislators should be reaching out to their constituents to solve Iowa issues.  Too much of our legislation is being written by outside entities and geared toward making Iowa like other states to fit in on the national stage.  I want to represent the common Iowan, working to get legislation passed that is pro-Iowa.  I want to find win-win solutions for Iowans as often as we can. I believe Iowans are Iowans first and we have more in common than divides us.  I want to go to the House to create win-win situations for all Iowans.  I’m optimistic that by listening to one another, we can fix the way the Statehouse works. 


As a teacher in Iowa for over 20 years, I know that public education is the cornerstone of our community and is an essential thread in the fabric of our democracy. Iowa needs to return to the top when it comes to education. We need to commit to adequately funding public education and keep public money where it belongs, in public schools.


We also need to return local control to our elected school boards. Communities across Iowa count on their own elected school boards to make informed decisions about their own unique districts without unnecessary state intervention.  Iowa needs to recommit to local control.


As a cancer survivor, I understand the pain of unexpected medical bills. At the statehouse, I will fight to lower care and prescription costs. We also need to address mental healthcare. As a teacher, I see everyday how the lack of access to mental healthcare affects our student population negatively.


Students in our schools are dealing with mental health issues at an increasing rate. In the statehouse, I will work to reform mental health care to help law enforcement keep our schools and communities safer.


Iowans are working hard, yet many are forced to make difficult decisions about how to make ends meet. As a mom, I raise my family on a budget just like many other Iowans. For too long, special interest, corporations, and the ultra wealthy have set the agenda of our state's legislature at the expense of working Iowans and their families.


In a prosperous state like ours, our economy should work for everyone. In the legislature, I will work to give Iowans the relief we need from rising costs, provide them with good-paying jobs, ensure access to affordable childcare, and expand opportunity for all Iowans.

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